Bien-Mis {adj} – well dressed (people)

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Bonjour Bien-mis

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Looks to be inspired by.

I hope to share with you via this blog some of the people, images and trends that make my relationship with fashion a solid  life long partnership.

It’s not just new collections from the high-end fashion houses that are a source of inspiration for me, but also real style.  The kind you see when a trends filter down to us mere mortals and my joy at seeing someone who successfully choreographs a look that embodies an appreciation of fashion with a portrail of utter confidence, giving you a visual invite into their personality. All while looking like it’s been acheived in about 5 minutes with a ‘couldn’t give a damn’ attitude, of course.

It goes without saying though that I am, naturally, influenced by commercial fashion as much as I am street style. So you will also find on this blog my favourite trends and looks of the season along with lust-worthy apparel or beauty products I stumble across.

I hope you enjoy.

Written by makebakeandsew

February 22, 2010 at 8:00 pm