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Hollywood Royalty: Grace Kelly

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Hollywood actress and Princess of Monaco. To celebrate her life in style, some of her most iconic couture gowns and accessories will be on display at the V&A’s from Mid April until September this year in a glorious exhibition – Fashion for a Hollywood Princess. Included are the infamous Hermes ‘Kelly’ bag, named after the actress and her wedding gown worn for the ceremony when she wed Prince Rainier.

Just aswell known for her ‘ice queen’ persona as hercool blonde waves, this picture I think shows a softer side to Kelly rarely caught on camera.


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March 29, 2010 at 10:27 pm

Beauty Bargin: Premium Fragrance Body Washes

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I remember when the only perfumed shower gels you could get were the likes of Fengal and Boots Royal Jelly.  Thankfully, this vastly underrated section of the fragrance market appears to be getting a premium upgrade with a lot more of the big fragrance houses now offering body washes and shower gels as well as the standard fragranced body lotion.

Perfect for spring days when you want your scent to be light and even better for layering your fragrance up for evening (you’ll also use less of your eau de parfum making it last longer too).

Chloe Shower Gel

Clinique Aromatics Elixir Body Wash

Marc Jacobs Daisy Shower Gel

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March 29, 2010 at 9:31 pm

Trend: Americana

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Spurred on by my Sister’s recent Vegas Wedding,  I’ve gone nuts for Americana.  Denim, stars, stripes, sequins, red white and blue. A brash and flashy alternative to all the nude and military flooding the high street.  This one is about having fun.

Don’t ever do this head to toe or you’ll look like a tourist.  Stick to one key piece – a pair of dungaree’s or an outrageous accessory – and release your inner American Woman……….

Stars & Stripes Clutch – Accessorize

Made in america Tee – American Apparel

Alexa Chung – Vogue 2010

Americana – Williams Rast Fall 2009

Stars & Stripes by Converse


Essential Spring Look – The Jumpsuit

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Sexier big sister to the Playsuit.  Jumpsuits have never been hotter. Now I’ve been wearing playsuits for about 3 years, but have never progressed to the Jumpsuit. Maybe it’s through fear of looking like a giant baby, who knows.  But I’ve seen so many beauties in bold florals or even leopard prints that the jumpsuit has finally lured me in. I’m all for one piece dressing of any kind – what could be easier and it means you can spend more on your shoes!

Perfect for a night out with killer wedges and a statement necklace.  Then when the real summer hit, wear with flats and a messy up do.

Just need to decide which one to go for now…………..

Tine Printed Jumpsuit Whistles £160

Asos Black One Shoulder Velour Jumpsuit £70 – This one is strictly for partying

Diesel Dotty Jumpsuit £140

Iro Azor Jumpsuit £205

Oasis Lady Print Silk Jumpsuit

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March 23, 2010 at 7:24 pm

Street Trend – Bow ties

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Daft? Hell yeah. But a good bow tie always makes me smile.  As does bow tie wearing man hunk George Lamb…….mmmm….., but I digress. I love how a bow tie can make someone look slightly on the edge of insanity. I love how you can add this small cartoonish touch to the simplest of outfits and completely change the look. 

Not strictly for boys, bow ties are now being seen on the coolest of women.  Either a standard classic shape or in the form of a casual neck tie (see Alexa Chung – yes, her again I know…I have to put at least one pic of her on per week or the world will end). In this month’s Instyle Magazine there was even a special article on how to recreate this look by cutting the collar of a pedestrian plain blue shirt and a piece of ribbon. Creativity is the key to carrying off the bow tie.  You can play with colour or fabric as long as you keep the rest of your outfit pared down.  You can do preppy by tieing some ribbon round your work shirt and wearing with shorts (I still don’t think enough people use shorts for the work place but that’s another post………..).  But don’t ever  EVER, wear spinning/flashing with only a trench to hide your modesty a la Frank Butcher.

Bow ties were all over the AW 2010 Catwalks too, on coats or tied over shirts. Miu Miu offered these cute cooloured neck ties in Lilac or bright pumpkin Orange. 

Oooooooh how did this get on here!!! Never thought I’d utter these words but I do prefer his shorter hair now

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March 17, 2010 at 7:44 pm

Stella McCartney: Bag or Fruit Bowl???

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Just flicking through the Lakeland catalogue (yes, I might pretend to be a fashionista but deep down I’m also a geek who enjoys a good kitchen utensil), and I stumble across this familiar looking fruit bowl.  I wonder if Stella McCartney really did take her inspiration from the kitchen for this bag.  I’d like to think so.


Bag by Stella McCartney


Fruit Bowl by Lakeland

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March 15, 2010 at 8:40 pm

Fast Fashion – £100 Challenge

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The Challenge: An entire outfit  (including shoes for £100). C’est impossible I hear you cry! All available on the high street now – wear it by the weekend!

Dress – Candy Stripe by French Connection £75

Flats – AGOLD leather pumps by Faith reduced to £22

Cream Tights – Primark £1.50

OK, I know I blew most of the budget on the dress here but it’s totally worth it as you can easily adapt it for a party or the office as well this day time look.

If you have any spare cash for accessories then team with a cute cross body purse and an oversized bib necklace. Barber shop meets Alice in Wonderland!

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March 15, 2010 at 7:36 pm