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A Single Man

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After watching Tom Ford’s A Single Man this Saturday I am feeling a fresh surge to revisit all things 60’s Sex Kitten like. Hair subtly back combed and monochrome eye make-up like that of the drunkenly fabulous Charley (played by Julianne Moore). Enough flicks of eyeliner to rival Twiggy.
Yet Moore is not the only eye candy in this Film. It is visually perfect in every aspect. George (Firth) and his impeccable collection of formal wear of course, go without saying. But also, the innocence of Nicolas Holt’s character (Kenny)and his mohair sweater. The precision in which George’s belongings are arranged in his exquisite condo. And the subtle, yet intensely powerful way Ford uses colour to portray George’s emotions during this picture. You feel every inch of his grief as the colour drains away to muted greys and browns. Yet, in essentially what is a film about mourning and suicide, there is a massive warmth as Firth brilliantly portrays a character who cannot help but find joy in the small things he sees in the world around him. And the colour quite literally, comes back to his face.

Visually Stunning.

Written by makebakeandsew

February 22, 2010 at 9:23 pm